Remodeling Churches

It’s an honor to take part in finding The Plan for sacred spaces of worship.

Traditional. Contemporary. Transitional.

Your congregation’s surroundings need to fit their worship style to facilitate a meaningful spiritual experience. While the process to discern The Plan is not unique, the initial design is. What’s not part of the Plan? Additions/deletions shoehorned into a cookie-cutter church layout. Jerry M. Frese is sensitive to the nuances in each style’s liturgical voice and perfectly comfortable researching and integrating theologically correct construction details—such as fashioning 2¼” wood doors that replicate the Wittenburg Castle Church where Martin Luther nailed the famous 95 Theses.

Temporal Matters

Surface choices—flooring, seating, windows, etc.—contribute to the sensory comfort and clarity of a worship space. Each is carefully chosen for its acoustic, durability, cost effective, eco sensitive and aesthetic properties.

Jerry M. Frese is sensitive to budgetary factors as well: you will have no surprises. For the tight budget at Risen Savior Lutheran Church in Basehor, Kansas, the final cost was so carefully ciphered that it was one dollar under two million. Not one dollar over.

Read more about Risen Savior, including how the choice of structural insulated panels (SIPs) contributed to cost savings and a greener worship space.

Let’s Talk About It

Contact Jerry M. Frese to find the fullness of your church plan together.


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