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Jerry M Frese

There's Always a Plan

Nothing happens by accident. Even unforseen challenges can have a most positive impact.

Jerry's Plan

Jerry M. Frese Construction is the fruition of seemingly random paths that have converged to harmonize builders, craftsmen, mentors, and designers into collaborators who thrive on creating unique custom spaces and liturgical furniture.

Jerry's 30+ years of hands-on construction experiences, continuing education, inquisitive nature and willingness to embrace unexpected events led him to discover the plan for his life's work: custom building consulting and design.


It can be complicated to determine all aspects of your custom project's plan. Jerry's experiences with pros and cons of specific design solutions, materials and building proceesses are a most valuable resource.

For Jerry there are no shortcuts: he will not tell you what you want to hear just to make you happy in the short term. He will tell you the truth when it comes to meeting exceeding codes and choosing materials that may be less expensive now but will ultimately fail and need to be replaced. Details matter.

And integrity matters: there are no hidden fees or costs. You will know the meaning of every project facet before signing off on any detail.

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